Our Mission

Dabney Poorter is passionate about providing research-based wellness and nutrition education to enhance YOUR pursuit of meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Dabney helped me change the way I think about meals and food. She doesn't just give you a meal plan and say "good luck" but walks you through everything step by step with your goals in mind. She goes above and beyond just food, and is a counselor, friend and mentor


Dabney is a fitness nutrition rockstar. Almost 3 years ago she got me moving and eating right. By eating more food more often, I lost over 40lbs the first year by making some simple changes in my eating and being consistent with exercise. Daily, I am grateful for Dabney's knowledge and guidance in my improved health and fitness.


I was skeptical as to what a nutritionist could do for me. Dabney taught me that it isn't just eating healthy foods, but that the right combinations of healthy foods must be eaten in order to properly satisfy your body's nutritional needs.


Dabney was the missing element to our health and fitness goals. We highly recommend her knowledge and meal plan to anyone trying to improve their health.