Change for the Better

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Never a fan of beating around the bush, here it is from the jump: Engage Your Wellness is changing.

And by changing, I mean over the coming months, Engage Your Wellness will no longer exist by name. The excitement of closing this door vastly outweighs any nostalgia, and it is a huge mile-marker of progress. Engage Your Wellness pivotally developed our amazing client-base, solidified and inspired our various nutritional services, established a community reputation, and got the wheels turning for a bigger machine. She’s the groundwork. She’s the foundation. The blood, sweat and tears of Engage have paved the way through the forest into the big, gushing fountain of opportunity to come!

Can you tell I’m excited?!

When Taylor Hohmann Dukes and I began to dream four years ago, we longed to create a one-stop shop for everything fitting under the umbrella of Wellness we hold in the highest esteem to exist under one roof. As plans grew and God continued to place His hands and feet in our path in the form of amazing people giving green lights to keep going, our dream of a Wellness Center began to really take root. As the excitement of opening a Wellness Center grew (and continues to grow!), I knew there was a possibility Engage would not be part of the Center by name, but she will 100% be there in practice. She’s simply wearing a different outfit. (Maybe a caftan now?) Ha!

Here’s what to expect:

Speaking in the short term, you will see Engage’s Website and Appointment Bookings shift into a personal page entitled Dabney Poorter. (Heck, everyone else is branding themselves, why shouldn’t I? 😉 ) You can expect the shift to Dabney Poorter to happen in the coming months with the Wellness Center following suit thereafter. Speaking long term, all services offered through Engage Your Wellness will eventually be offered through the upcoming Wellness Center.

I know what you might be thinking – Why even take the step to create a space for Dabney Poorter if everything will eventually pull into the Center? Here’s why. Even as the Center unfolds, Dabney Poorter will remain a place where I blog my personal story and what’s on my heart along with sharing nuggets of nutritional wisdom (hellooo Costco finds, restaurant menu choices, recipe swaps, etc.) to hopefully encourage you and help you in daily decisions to optimize your health. Engage Your Wellness’s Instagram will eventually become Dabney Poorter as well.

There is one large caveat to this shift: the amazing Pam Packer is still very much a part of the team, and her expertise will shift seamlessly into the Center once we all do. In the very near future, everything you’re booking on EYW (including Pam!) will be the exact same, it will simply shift into the Dabney Poorter space until all appointments eventually roll into the Center. We will even be adding new services in the coming months to be booked through our website until the Center website and business officially launch.

When asked if I’m scared or if I knew this change would happen to Engage Your Wellness, I cannot help but direct all glory to God. I believe anytime you put your trust in Him, He is faithful in guiding you clearly down the path He has planned for you. As many of you likely know, this often differs from what you have planned for you. In uncanny ways, over the past four years, God continues to provide the resources and relationships to make the path for the next stage clear. The capability of our massive, mighty God to personally touch us blows me away. He knows how motivated I am by people, good people, who can pray and dream with me. And what does He do? He continually places people in my life who will make this transition take hold in the most exciting and loving way.

If I could tell you anything (and at the risk of sounding trite) DREAM. I truly always dream bigger! My head spins with ideas, but rooted deep below these ideas is my desire to only pursue those things that will bring Him the glory. Trust me, constant communication with Him keeps me in check here.

Where are you scared? Where are you hesitating? Take a step. Step out in faith, and He will direct your paths. I assure you it will not be easy, but He will be with you. As I reflect on the past four years, both abounding joy and extreme heartbreak fill my soul. No matter the emotions surrounding each event, I wholeheartedly believe every peak and valley has equipped me with the tools, passion, and ability to connect with others on a deeper level. As He teaches us, suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope. Thankfully, this hope makes me a stronger person. Even further though, the culmination of these life events makes me more capable of providing the effort this transition will require.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of Engage Your Wellness, and remember, she’s not leaving, she’s just changing her outfit 😉 Until otherwise notified, continue to book through the EYW website and expect to see Dabney Poorter up and running very soon. Lastly, we cannot wait to walk alongside you as we reveal naming and soft opening news around the Center! Stay tuned! Change for the better is coming. 

One Comment

  • Betty Chapman says:

    Sounds very exciting, Dabney. I love God stories where He shows up BIG. It encourages me to dream big, even at my age, of being able to accomplish my goal of “wellness” for my body and me. Congratulations and Praises to our faithful Heavenly Father for all of His goodness. I will keep you and your DREAM in my prayers.

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