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By June 1, 2020 3 Comments

Yesterday I wrote a different version of this post. I read over it several times. In my heart I knew it was not exactly what I wanted to say. The whole post seemed disorganized. Kelly, my amazing husband and ‘editor’, agreed that the blog needed a whole re-write. 

I am now sitting at my kitchen counter reflecting on how to best communicate my heart with all of you. I want you to know me. I want you to understand why I am passionate about a sustainable lifestyle diet. I also want to share a prayerful decision I have made about my future. 

My own personal experiences have been the driving force behind my career path. I became a nurse because of my brother’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. I became a Certified Nutritionist because of my experience with diabetic education when I was personally diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I may not be the norm, but learning to count white bread and potatoes has not helped me as I strive to manage more than just the ‘symptoms’ of Type 1 Diabetes. Early this year, I opened Restore + Revive with my co-founder, Taylor Dukes, because of a strong desire to offer full body healing tailored to the needs of the individual. Working closely with our team of practitioners at Restore + Revive has offered the benefit of working together to create a plan for the WHOLE person that helps all of our clients as they strive for personal health and optimal wellness.

Nutrition and wellness education has been my main focus for almost nine years now. I love that I am able to understand lab results, medications, and diagnosis utilizing the skills and experience developed from my nursing career.  As I lean in and observe the habits and needs of my clients, I see too often the negative impact of ‘yo-yo’ dieting or the “fad health fix”. Each struggle and story creates a vicious cycle of muscle loss and decreased metabolism. These diets are not sustainable.  This compounds when the individual goes back to ‘normal’, they gain weight and have a bruised self-esteem. I am committed to continue providing researched-based wellness and nutrition education to enhance my clients pursuit of meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

As I have developed personally from my own diagnosis, grown professionally through offering nutrition services and through leading Restore + Revive, my passions for serving the whole client have grown and have been reaffirmed. I could not be more excited to announce that I will be starting nurse practitioner school! I could tell you that I have a perfect plan of what I will be doing when I complete school in two years, but this is not the case.  Through my personal journey, I have learned that God is the only One that knows the full picture of how and when He will use me. My prayer is that I will continue to lean on Him to be my guide! I look forward to the day that I can further care for your health and wellness needs as a family nurse practitioner.  

Most importantly, this will not change my passion, leadership, schedule, and client care of Restore + Revive, it will simply offer the opportunity to expand the depth of services and care for YOU!


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