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Remember the above confession from a while back? Welp, I’ve got a couple more for you today!

Confession #1:

With the whirlwind opening of R+R, including but not limited to: construction decisions, opening a business right after the holidays, acclimating to new hours and new challenges – (go get your tiny violin, I’ll wait) – over the past few months, meals and workouts have looked different than I wish they did! If you know me, you know I thrive on a meal plan and typically prioritize the time it takes to crank one out, but lately… pre-prep has been the exception, not the norm. 

Confession #2:

In seasons of stress, I stress eat. Yep. (Do you feel like you just caught the principal playing hooky?) While my stress eating does not look like overeating, I do make choices out of convenience and as a reward for hard work. When I find myself stressed but working so hard and accomplishing something I have been dreaming about, I find my thoughts around food as a “reward” for my hard work… Orrr I have a glass of wine at the end of EVERYDAY. Setting food aside, this same mentality can also look like watching silly, mindless shows (cue Schitt’s Creek and The Bachelor) to wind down and turn off my mind. Neither of these activities are taboo, but you gotta keep them in check. If the “reward” food behavior and mindless TV binging becomes the norm, priorities need to shift. 

Thanks for letting me put that out there 😉 

Counting the small victories, breakfast normally stays pretty healthy largely because of the girls, but lunch has been a different story. When I even have time to eat it, it’s been on-the-go by ordering from Righteous Foods or grabbing a Meyer & Sage salad out of the R+R fridge. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but lunch has not always been sporadic for me, and I typically meal prep and cook it myself each week. Also, in the past, if I felt hungry, I ate. But when I get slammed (and I am not expending as much energy exercise-wise – more on this later), I tend to not think about eating until 2 or 3pm. I will eat something healthy at this time, but I have waited too long, and it catches up to me at 5pm or even after dinner when I feel a day of not eating like I know I should. This means low energy and craving or “needing” a salty or crunchy treat – I’m not really a sweets person, so these are my go-to’s. 

As far as dinner goes, when I miss the pre-prep step, we either go out to eat or we eat too late in the evening for proper digestion (and hungry kiddos). Fortunately, Fort Worth’s healthy eating game continues to grow and our favorites include: Meyer & Sage, Juice Junkies, Snap Kitchen, Whole Foods and Central Market for grab-n-go. Dining out we love HG Supply, Bar Taco, Righteous Foods, Local Food Kitchen and Zoe’s.

When we are not dining out, one big bonus is that Kelly has been pitching in at home to help cook. He doesn’t love following a recipe or measuring things, so I just have him doing the mixing, shredding, forming into meatballs etc. It is fun and time efficient! In busy seasons it is also helpful to have a cookbook. I LOVE to cook and research new recipes online, but when things get busy, I go back to cookbooks and just cook through them. The launch of The Defined Dish Cookbook could not have come at a better time. I let the girls go through the book and pick their favorites for the week. 

As mentioned above, working out has looked different as well. I have been giving myself grace in this area, but man am I missing consistency! I started two days of pilates three weeks ago, and this has been huge. On warmer days, I have been playing basketball with the girls or walking my dogs – less structured activity, but still moving when I can. In January I set a goal to get back to a consistent schedule of exercise the week after Spring Break. As with all good goals, a plan is key, so I have commitments in place to make this happen. I will be doing early morning pilates, TRX and yoga during the week with a goal to add in Friday and Sunday LeanFit/CrossFit back into the mix. 

In sharing a little real talk, I hope to encourage anyone else who might be walking through a busy or different season for whatever reason. Give yourself grace, keep yourself in check when any occasional rewards become the norm, and make a plan with tangible steps for when your season passes and life calls for a little more structure. Last but certainly not least, use your helpers! This crazy fun season would not have been possible without my support system. Huge thanks to my mom for helping with my girls and even bringing dinner on late nights. So much gratitude to our amazing Ara as well! Big thanks to my sister for helping with girls in a pinch, to my sister-in-law Jenna, my dad, friends, Pam, my R+R girls and of course Kelly… whew, it takes a village for sure! Point being: do not feel shame for asking for help – we are here to lean on each other.



  • Cheryl says:

    I really love your honesty. So easy to get caught up in mindless activities as an escape. I have allowed my “grace” to take over too much. Hope to make a change to choose healthy forms of reward and escape. Thanks for some more options.

  • Jamesbef says:

    I love looking at your web sites. Regards!

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